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Aarti Mundae

Fiona Maher O’Sullivan

Natalia Svensson

Natalia Svensson, is an internationally certified Fitness Coach with extensive personal and professional experience in the fitness industry and specialisation in bodybuilding and physique transformation. Certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA), she holds multiple other certifications in exercise and sports nutrition and was trained under some of the biggest names in sports and exercise field.

Natalia specialises in working with beginner and intermediate clients, helping them achieve their physique goals through sustainable practices. Be it fat loss, muscle gain or strength development, Natalia’s goal is to create a lifelong and sustainable change for her clients. It is not all about transformation, what happens after it is even more important. Taking individualised and holistic approach to fitness is key for her planning of client’s journey. Natalia has experience working with women with hormone imbalances and has a thorough understanding on modification that need to be made to their exercise plan while they are working with Dr Menka Gupta on optimising health.

Beenish Kharal

Beenish Kharal is an Integrated Nutrition and Health Coach, from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

She is also a certified personal trainer from the American Council of Exercise (ACE). She runs a successful health and fitness practice where she takes nutrition and fitness cohesively.

Beenish believes in a holistic approach where a healthy diet accompanied with exercise is the key to optimum health and fitness.

EzFit Singapore

EzFit was founded in 2005 with the purpose of bringing fitness to your doorstep. We strive to help people on how to exercise, diet and make lifestyle choices to better themselves.

EzFit comprises of enthusiastic fitness professionals, who want you to feel the rejuvenated lifestyle which you wouldn’t want to stop having. When you look good, we feel good. Change your life with EzFit. EzFit Personal Trainers are qualified fitness professionals who are willing to go that extra mile to help you achieve your goals. All of
them are well certified and have vast experience in the field of fitness.

We bring you a holistic approach to health. It is about making changes, learning what works best for your body and to implement them for the future. We don’t advocate yo-yo diets and we want to help our clients solve their problems related to health.

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