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Corporate Wellness



Nutra Nourish has ran several corporate wellness programs, nutritional talks, and mindfulness sessions for reputable companies in Singapore. Our corporate wellness programs aim to work with your employees to improve their wellbeing in the workplace. Not only do we offer corporate wellness programs, we also have other initiatives such as mindfulness sessions.

A range of services are also available to support wellness initiatives. As a result, it leads to a happier and healthier workforce in your company.



Why work with us?

A sedentary job and poor nutrition lifestyle increases the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Coupled with high levels of stress and anxiety, it can lead to an increased risk of chronic diseases. As a result, it might cause the workforce to be unproductive and inefficient.

Therefore, you can help your employees achieve vitality in their busy schedules by empowering them with the knowledge of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Benefits of a healthier workforce:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased absent days from the office
  • Mentally and physically more energized
  • Lower health care cost; and lastly
  • Long term health

How can we help you?

We can help by using a combination of cutting edge functional medicine, evidence based nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching. Not only that, we can help to educate your staff through our wide scope of wellness offerings as well.

The offerings under Corporate Wellness include:

  • Nutrition workshops
  • Onsite mindfulness sessions
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) sessions
  • On-site private functional nutrition and standard nutrition consultations
  • Personalised executive programs for senior leadership teams
  • Nutrition workshops (a balanced diet, smoothie demonstrations, healthy desserts), seminars, group courses, cooking and yoga classes
  • Auditing employer’s on-site catering facilities
  • Cleaning up of office pantry
  • Functional testing and genetic testing; and lastly
  • Healthy menu planning and canteen recipe development

Examples of topics that can be covered in our nutrition seminars:

  • Boosting energy and performance
  • De-bunking myths around healthy food
  • Nutrition and Mental health
  • Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals?
  • Dealing with work place fatigue
  • Eating to reduce stress and boost immunity
  • Weight Management
  • Healthy Eating in the Workplace
  • Reducing Toxic Load and Detoxification; and lastly
  • Obtaining a healthy and balanced diet

Help your staff develop long term health and a life of vitality with our corporate wellness program!

We work with:

Bank of America

This is what they say about us:

“A very large majority will apply the learnings in their everyday life”

“The presentation content scored satisfied to very satisfied”

“Love that the topics covered about common myths which is so applicable to the real life.”

“The level of awareness has certainly improved and motivated me to make more conscious food decisions.”

“Really appreciate the Detox program. It’s such a good opportunity for me to really understand my body. After the 14-days Detox, I decided to continue to follow this plan as much as I can because I could feel the changes in my body. More energy; better focus; fewer GERD symptoms; lost 2kg; and also a healthier lifestyle.
I hope I can maintain this lifestyle. Thank you so much once again, Dr Menka Gupta!”

– Client from Google Asia after completing a 2 weeks Corporate group Detox program at Google office Singapore.


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