10 Day Life-Changing Detox

Press the reset button!

Kickstart your metabolism as you eliminate toxins and nourish your body with essential nutrients. This detox will result in you feeling more energetic than ever and starting a healthy weight loss process. Based on foundations of functional medicine, this detox focuses on  nutrient rich and satisfying foods that will leave you feeling more energetic, empowered and with an improved sense of well-being. This is our most popular group program.

Menka (MSc. Personalised Nutrition) runs this clinically directed, evidence based metabolic detoxification protocol to provide nutritional support for facilitating the pathways involved in the processing and excretion of toxins.

This workshop offers directions on how to sequence a healthy detox and wellness plan by providing tips on how to get started, what to eat, what to watch for, and how to provide the body with the right nutrients for longstanding, improved elimination and detoxification.

  • enjoy delicious foods without counting calories
  • feel more energetic and eliminate the root cause of your fatigue
  • embark on a healthy lifestyle and control your cravings
  • balance your blood sugar and insulin levels
  • start a healthy weight loss process

This detox is not about starving! It is about replenishing your body with lots of healing foods along with five meals, smoothies and juices.

  •  A detox guide
  • List of detox foods with portion sizes
  • 7 day diet and lifestyle journal
  • 7 day meal planner (Western, Indian, Chinese), grocery list with recipes
  • Daily email information with support through the program
  • Sources and options for clean  living & grocery  in Singapore
  • And much more..

You can choose the dates of the Detox as per your schedule. Join in with your partner or your friend and enjoy a 10% discount each.


11th February 2017, Saturday, 3pm – 5pm

Location- Tanglin Club

Investment- $190


I did detox program with Menka, with a primary objective of cleansing my system, removing toxins and also losing weight. Unlike other diets or programs, this one does not expect you to starve, or go on extreme diets. It’s simple to follow, healthy and super nutritious. Working with Menka was an immense pleasure as she understands the problem on hand at length and customises her programs based on your needs. The supplements prescribed in her program are of high quality. Just one month of following it and I could see results…. It’s pretty much a lifestyle change!

– Pooja, Banker who did 10 day detox in Feb 2016


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