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Berkey Shower Filters with Shower Head and Without Shower Head

Berkey Shower Filters with Shower Head and Without Shower Head

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Our skin is one of the biggest absorbents pf chemicals and heavy metals. Berkey shower filters are easy to fit and remove chlorine, heavy metals and lime to ensure a healthy shower experience. It reduces damage to hair and skin by removing chlorine, hydrogen
sulfide, scale, and iron oxide. People with sensitive skin find some chemicals cause their skin to flare or itch. If any of this sounds familiar, we have the solution. A Berkey shower filter will solve these problems and do so quickly and easily.

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● BPA Free.
● Effective for both hot and cold water.
● Lasts approximately 25,000 gallons, or one year whichever comes first.
● Reduces up to 95% of chlorine.
● Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation.
● Reduces damage to hair and skin.
● Eliminates foul tastes, dirt, and odors.
● Back Flush attachment to prevent premature clogging.
● Reduces hydrogen sulfide.
● “Full Flow” filter ensures even distribution of water throughout the media.
● Easy installation of a replaceable cartridge with self-sealing threads.
● Maximum amount of pressure is 60 PSI.

Included in the box:
● Shower Filter without Shower Head or
● Shower Filter with Shower Head

Additional information

Filter Type

With Shower Head, Without Shower Head


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