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How can I tell if my gut is healthy? Dr Menka often get asked this question. That’s why she created this functional medicine based gut health quiz. 

Poor gut health may manifest as skin conditions, digestive issues, lack of energy, insomnia, weak immunity, anxiety, brain fog and autoimmune conditions. 

Start today to begin your road to Better Gut Health with NutraNourish.

Nutra Nourish Gut Quiz

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Dr. Menka Gupta from Nutranourish Singapore

Hi, I am Dr Menka Gupta

A certified functional medicine practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

I’ve helped countless people to heal from chronic illness and regain their health. If you too are sick of being sick,  I invite you to explore the information about Functional medicine and gut health here. 

Dr Menka Gupta
IFM certified Functional medicine practitioner

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