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India logged 31 million new diabetes patients in 2019-21.

The annual number of deaths from CVD (cardiovascular disease) in India is about 4 million, about 20% of the global number.

According to the Indian Heart Association, 50 per cent of all heart attacks in India occur in men under the age of 50, while 25 per cent of heart attacks occur in men under the age of 40..

56% of Indian families report digestive health problems.

Autoimmune disorders are on the upswing in India. Among the hundreds of autoimmune diseases that exist, the two most prevalent types among Indians are rheumatoid (in women) and ankylosing (in men)

Ever so often, we read such headlines in the media.

We need a paradigm shift to create better health outcomes.

Functional medicine has a different approach by finding the root cause of disease and providing personalised solutions.

Being the first Institute for Functional Medicine certified Functional medicine doctor in India, Dr Menka was invited by CNBC to speak about how functional medicine can help. If you or your loved ones are going through chronic health issues, then tune in to learn more about my approach.

Catch Dr. Menka on CNBC discussing the path to good health & functional medicine

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