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Food Sensitivity Webinar

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Are you concerned about food sensitivities and their impact on your health or your children’s health? Food sensitivities are more common than you might think, and they can manifest in various ways, affecting not just the physical well-being but mood and behaviour too. While food allergies trigger the immune system and can lead to severe reactions, food sensitivities involve a more subtle, yet still impactful, response, making them trickier to identify and manage.

This exclusive and educational webinar discusses the latest research and practical tips on diagnosing food sensitivities. Removing food sensitivities can significantly improve your health and vitality.

If you are looking for ways to understand an existing condition or beginning to suspect a food sensitivity, this “Understand food sensitivities and their removal” Webinar covers it all.

Dr Menka Gupta on Food Sensitivities and Inflammation

Expert Insights by Dr. Menka: Asia’s leading Functional Medicine expert. Dr. Menka guides you through the often-misunderstood world of food sensitivities and their link to inflammation and health issues.

Special Guest James White:

Gain scientific perspectives with James White, CEO of KBMO Diagnostics, who shares cutting-edge research and practical tips.

What You Will Learn:

  • The hidden effects of food sensitivities on your body.
  • How to identify and tackle these sensitivities for enhanced wellbeing.
  • Practical, actionable tips to revitalize your health.

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