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You are unique, so is your healthcare.

Our DNA tests focus on health management, dietary disposition, athletic performance and drug metabolism. Each genetic test provides insight and delve deeper into the topic to uncover the specific underlying issues based on principles of functional medicine.

Your report will contain actionable personalised steps with easy-to-understand and implement results. Join thousands of individuals who have made more proactive choices toward optimal health and healing.

Dr Menka Gupta
IFM certified Functional medicine practitioner

Optimize your health with our most popular tests.



Our most popular genetics test, the MaxFunction, helps you understand how your body functions. From detoxification to brain health, it was designed with input from multiple holistic physicians.


The Works! Panel

Our most comprehensive genetics test. The Works! combines our MaxFunction, MaxFood, & MaxFitness reports into one report! It’s also available in family packs at a discount. (includes MTHFR and COMT)



The MaxFood Panel looks at how you process certain foods, your eating behaviors, intolerance and risks based on your unique genes. It is designed to help you find the most effective path to attain your health goals through food.


Why Our Genetic Test is Better


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Data Privacy


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Actionable Steps








Strictest Data Privacy & Protection


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Benefits of Genetic Testing


Disease Prevention

Understanding your genes can a vital first step to prevent risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol issues.


Peak Fitness

Gain the most from training programs and achieve gæak fitness with information to optimise your power, endurance, recovery and reduce injury risk.


Personalised Health Program or Improved Health

Diet, lifestyle, exercise and environment interact with an individual’s genes and impact health. We can tailor a personalised health program based on your unique genes and lifestyle.


Weight Management

Find optimal diet and exercise plan based on your genes to accelerate your weight loss.


Optimal Mental Health

Gain insight on mood disorders, addictive behaviours, Alzheimer’s and take early action.

Available Globally From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Get your DNA test in 3 simple steps

Preventative, Personalised, Holistic Healthcare based on your genes


To order your DNA test kit, simply visit our website and select the type of test you would like to take. You can also contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will help you choose the most appropriate test for you.

We ship worldwide, so just indicate your shipping address upon checkout. Once your payment is processed, we will ship your test kit.


A fast, simple process. Collect your DNA sample simply by rubbing q-tip gently against cheek. Thereafter, place samples back into the return packags provided and wait for our courier service to pick up.


Once we receive your DNA samples, it will take our laboratory 3 business weeks to process the samples. You will then receive your final DNA testing results through the mail.

What Our Customers Say

I highly recommend MaxGen because they test for quite a few genes besides MTHFR. The results are very concise in their reports, with no need to run raw data through other sites. They also include supplementation suggestions with each gene mutation! The best I have ever paid for!

Amazing! Did the combo test on all 4 of us, and the results are very intriguing. It’s really neat to examine how each person can benefit from various diets. Now I know what’s best to feed my kids, as it appears they’re both quite different. Lots more info packed into these tests, so I look forward to exploring more!

Highly recommend MaxGen! They go above and beyond to give the most information possible from your sample and are very responsive to questions and concerns. Can’t wait to order more tests for the rest of my family! Thank you, MaxGen!

Viezh Robert

Warsaw, Poland


“Wow… I am very happy to use this VPN, it turned out to be more than my expectations and so far there have been no problems. LaslesVPN always the best”.

Viezh Robert

Warsaw, Poland


“Wow… I am very happy to use this VPN, it turned out to be more than my expectations and so far there have been no problems. LaslesVPN always the best”.

Viezh Robert

Warsaw, Poland


“Wow… I am very happy to use this VPN, it turned out to be more than my expectations and so far there have been no problems. LaslesVPN always the best”.

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Our Tests

Check here for questions about data security, sample viability, who can benefit from our tests, types of genes analyzed, and what to expect with our reports.

About MaxGen Labs

You’ll find questions about our certifications, why choose us over other labs, shipping and refund policies, and partnering physicians.


Questions about our logistics can be found in this section.

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Your DNA report could help you prevent health issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our tests

Absolutely not. MaxGen Labs is a family-owned company formed to provide this type of information in a safe and secure way, with no risk of 3rd parties obtaining your data.

Yes, we use a preservative fluid to stabilize the DNA in transit. This fluid preserved the DNA for even international shipping. We highly recommend avoiding DNA testing that uses dry swabs.

The end product after extraction remains the same whether you use a mouth swab or blood draw. 

Yes. The mixing of genetic data from mother to child via breast milk is not an issue for our test. Simply wait about 30 minutes after feeding and/or rinse the baby’s mouth with water.

This test should not be used as the ultimate guide for any medical condition. It should be used in relation to biochemical function, methylation, detoxification, and vitamin deficiency risk. It is one piece of the large healthcare puzzle. Please work with a provider of some kind if you or your child are dealing with a medical condition.

Reports are generally delivered approximately 3 weeks after receiving your sample. At times, it may take up to 5 weeks if a sample needs to be rerun in the lab. Realistically, there are times where the lab gets backed up with samples, especially around holidays. Our team will let you know if a report is going to be delayed. Most genetic testing companies take 8 weeks or more to report results, so we try to aim for a faster turn-around time.

No. We are purely focused on genetic information that will help you optimize your health.

No. Genetic information is only one aspect of health. We are not running data to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. We are running data for educational purposes only. Your genes are your blueprint for cellular processes, but your lifestyle plays the biggest role in your health outcome. We do not test for disease risk genes.

Please see the detailed information about each test under their description.

No. The majority of SNPs do not affect how the body functions. We run specific SNPs that are clinically relevant for most functional medicine providers. We do not sequence rare genetic disorders, ancestry, or SNPs that have little research. This test should not be used for medical conditions or drug interactions. Please consult a medical geneticist for those concerns.

 You can contact to find a practitioner close to you

We do not catalog the data in a zip file like other companies. Our data will not work with other 3rd party interpretation software nor do we recommend using 3rd party software for security & privacy concerns. We report it for you so that you don’t have to use 3rd party software. You can see each SNP and allele at the end of your reports.

Yes, absolutely. Our lab is concerned about your privacy. We take great lengths to destroy DNA as soon as your report is complete. We don’t want to know your ancestry or provide 3rd party companies with “research.” Please keep in mind that this means we will not be able to update reports or resend reports months after your original report has been sent to you.

Questions about MaxGen Labs

That’s certainly a personal choice, but we have a few unique selling points: 1. We destroy your DNA and do not share or sell it to anyone. 2. We have a simple process and quick turn around time. 3. We offer dietary options in each report. 4. We’re not a corporate lab. We’re just a small family owned business that strives to make the world a healthier place.

We contract only with the best CLIA, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, certified labs.

Yes, we do. Contact us to know more.

Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide any refunds.

We keep our prices low to begin with, so we do not offer any coupons or discounts.

We ship quickly, so we do not offer overnight options. Also, each sample is processed in a timely fashion. There is no way for us to make the process go faster.

We provide accounts for healthcare providers. Set up an account with our lab, and we will be happy to help your patients! Please contact us to know more.

MaxGen Labs

170 E. Main St. STE D

Box 277

Hendersonville, TN 37075

Questions about Logistics

For Singapore clients:

The lab test kit will be delivered within 3 working days of the payment.

For Overseas clients:

The lab test kit will be delivered within 1- 2  weeks of the payment.

We will send the lab test kit to your home and instructions on how to collect the samples will be in the test kit.

For Singapore clients:

You will also receive an email with instructions on how to send the samples to the lab overseas with our courier partner. Please  let us know one working day in advance and we will arrange a courier to pick up your samples and take them to the lab in USA

For Overseas clients:

The instructions to courier the lab kit with our courier partners will be in the kit itself.



For Singapore: The required documents will be emailed to you upon shipping confirmation 

For Overseas: The required documents will be provided in your test kit or will be sent to you once the samples are collected

Yes, you can. Your sample must be received by the lab within a few weeks of collection.

Monday to Friday

Buccal Swab

Please follow the instructions given In the kit so that the samples are collected properly. Rarely, the samples are not good to be assessed by the lab and will need recollection. e-g: Take the correct amount of sample needed for the test.

We will notify you as soon as the lab informs us to resend the samples. We will arrange the lab kit and delivery for free for you, but there will be a courier fee charged to you by the lab for resending the samples to them.

It will take 3-4 weeks to receive your results.

You may book a consultation with our IFM certified Functional medicine practitioner, Dr Menka Gupta who is an expert in Epigenetics and has a Master’s degree in Functional Nutrition.