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I get asked this a lot, “Should we supplement?”.

Ideally, a healthy food plan should provide majority of our daily requirement of nutrients. Despite this, I suggest that all of us need to take supplements. So, what are my reasons for saying so?

Today, we have fewer vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients in our food because of depleted soil and industrial farming. For example, the use of synthetic fertilizers has vastly reduced the nutrient density and micronutrient levels in the soil. Hence, vegetables and fruits do not provide us with all the minerals and vitamins we need.

We do not consume enough vegetables, fruits or heart healthy omega 3 in our diet. In fact, we rely a lot on processed foods which lacks micronutrients. Our kids for breakfast eat factory made cereals and for snacks eat cereal bars, all of which fill their tummies but leaves their body craving for nutrition.

We also have increased need of nutrients due to the modern life stress and level of toxins which we are exposed to. Most of these toxins were virtually unknown few hundred years ago.

Hence, it’s a good idea to take few basic supplements to help enhance vitality and health. These can also help to prevent chronic health issues in the long run. I suggest daily consumption of a good multi-vitamin and mineral, Omega-3, and a probiotic for everyone.

When it comes to supplements, it is vital to go for quality. You need to choose carefully to ensure they are safe, non GMO, non allergenic, contaminant free, in correct dosages and in highly absorbable forms. Good supplement brands ensure quality at every step, right from ingredient sourcing to good manufacturing practices to ensure highest level of purity, safety and quality.

Dr Menka Gupta


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