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NutraNourish HEALTH is designed to optimise well-being and health by personalising lifestyle and nutrition choices and, where necessary, using supplements tailored to offset any particular nutritional deficit based on specific gene variants. It helps in establishing the optimal nutrition necessary for good health, longevity and disease risk mitigation.

NutraNourish HEALTH tests for genetic variations that are known to have a significant effect on health and susceptibility to chronic diseases such as dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, cancer, neural tube defects, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, amongst others. Nutrigenomics research has shown that individualized nutrition and lifestyle choices do have a significant effect on the expression of these genes – but this also depends on early detection and appropriate intervention.


Who’s it for?

NutraNourish DIET is intended for clients with long-term weight management issues. However, the healthy-weighted individual can likewise benefit from their gene-based nutritive profile and dietary recommendations.

Clinical Value:

  • Provides strategies for weight management based on the genetic make-up
  • Motivates individuals intending to lose weight
  • Provides an understanding of why previous weight management programmes may have been unsuccessful
  • Provides insight into which diet type may be most suited to an individual to manage weight, based on genotype

NutraNourish DIET reports on the following areas:

  • Variations linked to obesity and being overweight
  • Carbohydrate responsiveness
  • Energy homeostasis
  • Responsiveness to exercise
  • Ability to metabolise fats for energy
  • Metabolism
  • Inflammation

“Why am I not losing weight despite eating healthy and exercising consistently?” “By knowing my DNA, does it tell me what foods I should avoid?” Let us help you answer the burning questions you have regarding your diet and kickstart with NutraNourish DIET.

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Dr Menka Gupta


Dr. Menka Gupta, an IFM certified Functional Medicine Doctor, is now a member of IFM Certified Practitioners. IFM, the global leader in Functional Medicine, offers the gold standard IFM Certification Program (IFMCP).

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