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Hi, I am Dr Menka Gupta

A certified functional medicine practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

Are you sick of feeling sick or looking to enhance a vibrant life? I’ve empowered many to optimize their health through functional medicine with my unique knowledge and qualification. In my 20 years of practice, I’ve developed a strong clinical acumen that makes my protocols complete, safe, and successful.


Hi, I am Dr Menka Gupta

A certified functional medicine practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine and expert in nutrition medicine.

Are you ready to take control of your health? I’ve helped people like you to empower and optimize their health through functional medicine with my unique knowledge and qualification. In my 20 years of practice, I’ve developed a strong clinical acumen that makes my Functional medicine protocols complete, safe, and successful.


Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner


It is best to choose someone who has gone through and passed the certification programme.

Dr Mark Hyman,
Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

Dr Menka is the first and one of the very few fully certified Functional Medicine doctors in Asia

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Official providers for DUTCH Hormone, DNA, Food Sensitivity, GI Map Gut Microbiome Tests


Functional Medicine program for a Healthy Gut and Hormone Health

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The Nutranourish Process


Identify root cause of disease:

We investigate your full life history adopting a functional medicine approach to discover the root cause of your problem. We use cutting-edge functional laboratory testing to find out the biochemical imbalance causing your health issue.


Personalised care plan to
heal your body:

Regular follow-up sessions to heal one imbalance at a time with a personalised, actionable functional medicine & functional nutrition protocol which is unique to your body’s requirement.


Feel healthy:

In our approach, long-term you, rather than the disease, is the focus. Learn to live a lifestyle which is personalised to you for long-term health and happiness.


Our multidisciplinary team employs a coordinated and comprehensive approach which has helped 1000s of patients worldwide to prevent and manage chronic health diseases.

How We Can Work Together

Functional Medicine: Uncover and address the root causes of disease
We do online functional medicine consultations globally

At NutraNourish, we believe good health is the foundation for a great life. NutraNourish uniquely offers a complete functional medicine practice with an inhouse team of functional medicine practitioner, functional nutritionist, health coach, mindfulness practitioner and counsellors. We offer comprehensive and personalised care that addresses the underlying cause of health issues in children and adults. Our functional medicine approach combined with our advanced lab testing, personalised nutrition, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, coaching and mindfulness techniques empower you on your healing journey to get you back on track to good health.

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Cardiometabolic health

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Working with Dr. Deepika Gopalan has been the highlight of my Nutra Nourish journey. She has helped me both with my diet and my mindfulness journey and it's been really remarkable. Firstly, she helped me operationalize the diet in a way that made me get the best out of it – phytonutrients and the benefits are life changing. It wasn’t just an elimination diet, it was more about understanding how to get the best out of food and also about what foods suit you the best. I also really like her style- the way she explains the science and the reasons behind what you’re doing- makes it so much easier to follow the diet and helps you be in charge of your health journey. She teaches and coaches you in a way that suits you, the individual. But what I enjoy the most and recommend the most are the sessions with her on mindfulness. I thought mindfulness was the 10 minutes you take out of your day to center yourself, Deepika made me see it’s how you can approach your entire life- whether it’s your approach to food, health, food cravings or whatever else is stressing you. It has been life changing. She gently encouraged me and pushed me forward when I felt discouraged, cheered me on when I was motivated. I have to thank her for helping me realize things myself and taking charge of my health, which is so much more powerful than someone telling you what to do.
Adam RitchAdam Ritch
06:35 14 Apr 22
Dr Menka Gupta came highly recommended from some people who have benefited from her programs in the past. I decided to see her as I was waking up every morning with low energy levels and a lot of anxiety.Dr Gupta was absolutely fantastic. She showed a lot of empathy and guided me through her protocol with a lot of patience. She also made sure I understood how to take control of my own health and supported me in making the required changes.Thanks to Dr Menka, I feel much better, my energy levels are back and I am on a healthier life journey.
maithu smaithu s
11:56 27 Mar 22
A decade of struggle with my chronic stomach issues like bloating, palpitations, giddiness, burping and indigestion. I was bedridden and had episodes of hospital visits. This was how my life was for the past 10 years until I consulted Dr Menka Gupta.She gave me a holistic approach to my gut issues. Her assessments were done step by step to find out the root cause for my condition. I was treated only for the symptoms in the hospital which evaded and rebounded again in a month. My gut health became haywire. Dr Gupta explained to me clearly how functional medicine works holistically and how to settle my stomach issues. I have been travelling with Nutra Nourish for the past 1 year. I feel so good with no hospital visits and terrible symptoms. With a lot of positive thought, I am continuing my healing journey with Dr Menka. Many thanks to her for changing my lifestyle.
Gayatri SriramGayatri Sriram
12:10 05 Mar 22
I’ve been using the supplements from Dr Gupta now for my mum, dad and our own family. I’ve seen a huge difference in our health. We literally swear by Dr Menka Gupta.Her consultation for my father was en point and we were able to throw off a chronic condition in an 88 year old Man. She is so approachable and understanding. A very very thorough doctor.
Pawan SinghPawan Singh
16:15 16 Dec 21
Dr Menka Gupta completely fixed all my gut issues. I went to see her as I was suffering from anxiety and chronic tiredness for a long time. Rather than trying to find a quick fix for my symptoms, she patiently tried to understand the root cause of my health issues. Once we established the reason for my suffering, we worked together to make changes to my lifestyle to fix them. Thank you Dr Menka for putting me back on the right track.
Subash NSubash N
14:40 16 Dec 21
I had a couple of health problems, and the past few years were hard. I have gone through multiple treatments and tried various doctors and medications, but nothing worked or solved my actual problem. Finally, I had decided to meet Dr.Menka, and to put it simply, she is incredible!She has taken great care of my health by developing a practical strategy step-by-step by identifying the root of my health issues and addressing them individually with pro supplements and diet plans.I especially loved how Dr.Menka took her time to solve my health conditions, and It's rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient with the outstanding quality of medical care.I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with skin, gut, and other health issues and who needs to fix it from inside out!So far, I have had great visits and treatments, and Doctor's demeanor has put me at ease and bringing back my health with confidence 🙂
Fiona Maher O'SullivanFiona Maher O'Sullivan
05:58 08 Dec 21
I have worked very successfully with Dr Menka in lowering my cholesterol and understanding more about the best foods for me. I appreciate her dept of knowledge from both a medical and functional stance. Working in parallel with Dr Deepika has complimented this work and she has also supported me on a very practical level of making the change on my plate very real.
Shilpa KatariaShilpa Kataria
12:24 09 Nov 21
Big thanks to both Dr Menka and Dr Dipika for helping me 😊
vidhi guptavidhi gupta
09:00 08 Jul 21
My sessions with Dr. Deepika have been extremely beneficial & eye-opening, giving me tremendous insight into living mindfully. Her simple techniques & guidance on what it takes to unclog a racing mind without effort, has been instrumental in helping me with my sleep issues & general well-being.I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to be more mindful & gain a calmer perspective in everything they do.

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