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Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) is pleased to announce Dr Menka Gupta as a member of IFM Certified Practitioners. She is the first Functional Medicine certified practitioner in Singapore and India to join this elite group of doctors.

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IFM Certified Practitioner

“It is best to choose someone who has gone through and passed the certification programme.”
Dr Mark Hyman, Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

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At Nutra Nourish, we help to identify the root cause of health issues in both Adults & Children by using Functional Medicine, Advanced Functional Testing and Personalized Nutrition so as to Restore Wellness, Peak Performance and Enhance Vitality

How we can work together

Personalised Consultation

By using Scientific, Research based Nutrition Evidence and cutting edge Functional Medicine, we can work together to help you live a Healthier and Happier life.

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Our DNA tests focus on Weight Management, Chronic disease Risk Management for Diabetes, cholesterol, Athletic Performance, High-intensity Exercise Recovery.

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Corporate Wellness

A Holistic and Engaging Service with Functional Nutrition and Mindfulness workshops, focused on improving the health and productivity of your employees for a more robust workforce.

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Meet Our Team

Dr Menka Gupta

Dr Deepika Gopalan

Our Happy Clients

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let our clients do the talking too.

Amita Menon
Google Verified Review

Menka has been amazing. She has a very holistic approach and has helped my Daughter handle a stressful period as well as manage her dietary issues in a very smooth manner. She continues to follow up and is very approachable.

30 November 2019
Heidi Sarna
Google Verified Review

I really enjoyed the mind-body workshop with Deepika, and loved that she combined both talk and practice. I loved her connecting the dots between the science and the "why" with the mind and spirit, makes so much sense to me. I liked her approach and energy and authenticity and the way she described the mind-body-spirit connection. Much of what she said resonated with me, from the "frown" her daughter mentioned used to be her default face (totally think is me sometimes!!) to how our emotions drive our actions and write our story, when we should instead try and let our thoughts and emotions float through us and not obsess and hang on to them. I loved Deepika’s anecdotes and metaphors and allusions. I would totally sign up for a weekly 1- to 2-hour meditation/talk in a similar format. Thank you. Heidi

04 December 2019
Aarti Mundae
Google Verified Review

I have been an IBD patient for over twelve years, with a recent relapse of extreme symptoms. I am glad I reached out to Menka over a year back. She has been a wealth of information and has channelized my work with this disease with a very new and forward looking perspective. It involves a lot of dedication, but has been so worth the effort and the money spent over my health, working with Menka.

30 November 2019
Arun Singhal
Google Verified Review

I have benefitted tremendously in my health journey under the guidance of Dr Menka Gupta and Dr Deepika. Dr Deepika's talk on the power and ability of our thoughts to influence our outcomes and the guided meditation were both very helpful in creating a positive change in my life. Dr Menka has been able to understand root cause of my health issues and her recommendations have helped me with being healthier, stronger and fitter, both physically as well as mentally.

05 December 2019
Margaret Koh
Google Verified Review

Going to the root of the issues we were having with our daughter with the holistic help of Menka was a breakthrough. Her skin rashes and constipation were resolved and her appetite has improved. Going to the root of the problem was a no brainer as opposed to continuously alleviating the symptoms

05 November 2019
Ravina Bhojwani
Google Verified Review

Highly recommend Dr Menka Gupta for her diagnosis . After going to 5 other doctors and getting no answers I finally met Dr Menka who absolutely made sense . It’s been an year now and gladly I can say I’m so much better and on the road to recovery .

05 November 2019

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