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Success Stories

I was referred to Menka for treatment of PMS, weight gain and stress symptoms using an alternative approach to prescriptions. Over the course of a few months Menka was able to identify the right treatment using a holistic diet plan that included a food list and portion recommendations. She was great at coaching me through the diet changes to enable me to successfully stick to the plan. Additionally, based on analytical testing and results, she developed a natural supplement regime that worked with my diet plan to address my symptoms.  In the period of three months, my PMS symptoms diminished significantly, my weight returned to normal, my sleep is the best sleep that I’ve ever had, my food cravings are gone and I’m emotionally more stable. Overall, I’m feeling happier, healthier and so excited that I found Menka to put me on a natural treatment path.


Young Professional

My consultation with Menka could not have been a better experience. A three step process which includes the first consult which is more like a interview for the purpose of gathering data. This is followed by the consultation report which provides an explanation, a meal plan including recipes and lifestyle suggestions which can help you to achieve your goals. The final step is a follow up to track your results and suggest modifications to ensure you are able to achieve the end result. All of this is tailored to your habits, lifestyle and personal goals.

I think this was a very scientific approach to managing my nutrition plan which not only helped me to see positive results but also educated me about how certain foods were negatively or positively impacting my health.

I would highly recommend Menka to anyone seeking nutrition advice. She is just the best!

Dhara, Entrepreneur

Last year I was suffering from a lot of acid reflux to the point there drinking even a tiny amount of alcohol was causing me to throw up and i was feeling bloated. I went to Menka is need for a solution. She quickly put me on certain food and supplements and eliminated some foods from my diet. This really helped me a lot. I have been feeling great for the last 6 months and have no problems whatsoever. Thanks Menka

Omkar, Portfolio Manager

I manage Sales activities for IT firm across APAC. For last years or so, I travel a lot on work. i used to catch cold and related illness very fast. I work out regularly. I run few half-marathons every year. I also play sports actively. I wasn’t sure what’s happening and why do i fall sick every now and then.
Menka introduced me to Balanced living concept. How food environment and lifestyle can make significant difference to your health. Her approach is simple towards bringing nutrition balance in my food intake. She understands lifestyle and travel requirements of of Senior executives and proposes simple but effective dietary changes which are required for each individual. The initial assessment which last for couple of hours really helped me understand the concept. I followed the changes and added necessary supplementary food and vitamins suggested by her. The result is outstanding. Mind you, this is not about weight loss. Although, I am sure that is also possible for overweight people. I feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. My cold allergies have reduced a lot.
I am very happy with her analysis and regular follow up. I’ll strongly recommend Menka Gupta if you are interested in Natural Living philosophy.

Sunil Chavan, Senior Director Sales, Hitachi Data Systems

“ A true collaborator leading to better health. My intention was to improve the psoriatic arthritis condition in 2016, and Menka had successfully in contributing to this goal by making me aware of my then nutritional intake and lifestyle and made recommended changes to both areas.  After two months in modifying my food intake and adjusting the view of the world, my arthritis pain is barely noticeable, swollen joints condition disappeared, skin rashes clearing up, an overall mood improvement, and best of all a reduction of 22 pounds of excess body weight. Now I only take the anti-inflammatory medication only if I need to rather than twice a day with limited relief. I even consider jogging again after five years. Thanks so much Menka. ”

Damiao Lo


Menka is not your regular nutrition practitioner, she takes a keen interest in understanding the root of the problem. My son and I had been suffering form tummy issues for years. We tried various things including exercise, diet plans and supplements prescribed by 2 nutritionists in Australia. They helped for a short while then we were back to suffering.

Finally I met Menka for a session and she did a thorough analysis of my situation, going deep into the gut problem that probably started in my childhood. We had a couple of sessions and she gave me extensive meal plans and ideas, suggestions for supplements and alternatives for things I didn’t like. The problem that has persisted for years will not vanish overnight but Menka’s ideas and suggestions have helped a lot and it looks like my gut issues may finally be on the road to recovery. She has a very calm disposition and she explains everything methodically, in the process educating you and imparting knowledge that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. I highly recommend Menka for your family’s overall health, not only to solve your gut issues but to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle overall. Thank you very much Menka and I wish you the best of luck.

Sangeeta, Marketing & Social Media Consultant

Menka is an amazing practitioner and has played a pivotal role in the fitness and health of my teen age daughter. She had a lot of allergies we did not know about and working with Menka on her nutrition helped her loose a lot of weight and become very fit. Most importantly Menka educated her on the right balance and choices that shaped this success for my daughter.

I cannot recommend Menka enough. She is a beautiful, warm caring soul and someone who will create a personalized solution for your health challenges.


SAS mum

Menka Gupta is a very good nutrition practitioner. I have been following her nutrition plan since last 10 months .Her plan has helped me in my most critical moments when I was recovering from a very critical disease. She is very patient and extremely detailed in her analysis .


Home maker

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I would recommend Menka highly she is very knowledgeable, sincere and caring. She has brought new insights into my condition which has troubled me for years and now thanks to this I am recovering slowly. I would recommend her highly.

Lisa Johnson

Regional Account Director

My visit to Dr. Menka has helped me achieve the healthy weight which I desired, through good recommendations of healthy diets in my daily life. She also suggested appropriate health supplements to aid my weight loss and improvement in overall health. I feel lighter and healthier now. 🙂


School Teacher

I went to Menka suffering from very high cholesterol. After going through a detailed examination, she motivated me to change my eating habits by putting in therapeutic foods and supplements. Within two months my cholesterol returned to normal and I also lost 8 kg weight.



Menka is a doctor turned nutritionist specializing in functional nutrition. I have attended detox seminars and 1×1 consults with her for my daughter who was on antihistamines for 3 months. Menka approached the problem holistically, and recommended mineral and vitamin to address micronutrient deficiencies. Within days my daughters symptoms vanished. I also appreciate that she takes time to make her patients feel comfortable, has practical advice and ready lists of recommended suppliers, that makes execution much easier.
Whole heartedly recommend her if one is looking to heal holistically and naturally.

Anumeha Bisaria


Three months ago, I was suffering from low energy, chronic tiredness, mood swings and anxieties. All this was result of Chronic stress, long working hours and lifestyle choices which included a tough workout regime and social drinking on a regular basis.  Doctors couldn’t really figure out what was wrong with me or offer me a solution.

That’s when I decided to seek help from Menka. She spent more than an hour with me discussing in detail my lifestyle. She recommended certain tests to assess any hormonal imbalances.

Equipped with all this information, she identified the underlying issue (poor gut health and imbalance in stress hormones). She then put me on a comprehensive plan which involved proper nutrition, supplementation, exercises and lifestyle techniques.

Things started to improve about a month into the program. I was sleeping better and felt less anxious about challenges facing me. My energy levels improved and I had a renewed desire to go out and do things.

Three months into the program, I feel I have got my life back and am feeling more energetic than ever before. Thank you Menka for helping me when I had lost hope.


Sales Executive

I’ve had several consultations in 2015 with Menka Gupta and I found Menka to be very well informed about her area of expertise and extremely professional. She was clear in her nutrition and lifestyle plan and at all times kept her advice specific to nutrition. She was thorough in the nutrition plans she asked me to follow and followed up diligently. I have seen a significant improvement in my personal well being after going through a gut healing nutrition plan with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Menka.



I approached Menka Gupta for a consultation on a lactation nutrition, while I was breastfeeding my new born. She conducted a thorough analysis of my existing food habits, and provided me with a detailed plan that should include all essential nutrients necessary for the mother post natal and a newborn. Ms Gupta has a great eye for detail and was able to customise a nutrition plan based on my tastes!


Stay at home mum

Menka Gupta provided me with a nutrition plan for my father who was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Starting with explaining in detail on what deficiencies in our bodies lead to Parkinsons, to analyzing in detail how a vegetarian can supplement his diet with natural sources of proteins. The diet helped my father regain his confidence, and most importantly the belief that diet can make such a difference to a person’s well being!