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Supporting Education

Nutranourish is committed to contribute a part of its income to supporting Girl Education in India.


It has been seen that girls, and marginalised groups such as the very poor and the disabled, are often left behind in the education system in India. While girls attend primary school in roughly equal numbers to boys, the gap widens as they get older and more are forced to drop out to help with work at home or get married.


“REACHA”a voluntary organization is doing fundamental work in child development through integrated and holistic education.

With a door-step approach, it reaches out to the hard-to-reach pockets in urban slums and backward villages which have the largest concentration of out-of-school children and dropouts. Besides access to quality education as a core objective, the intervention adopts a holistic development approach and tries to shape up future responsible citizens. Moral education through action, healthcare, personal hygiene, art and craft, sports and cultural enrichment are provided through various activities in-built in the curriculum.


A percentage of money raised with your partnership with Nutranourish is contributed towards this noble cause.


If you want you can contribute directly to REACHA by visiting