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Our step-by-step programs include everything you need to achieve your health goals.

Functional Medicine Weight Loss Program


Do you want to look amazing, feel energetic and live healthier?


Our weight loss package is holistic and functional medicine based for healthy and sustainable weight loss, ensuring your body is well nourished and healed.


We will assess every aspect of your health and lifestyle in our one-on-one sessions and together we will develop a personalised plan for lasting weight loss. We do not believe in extreme dieting techniques which would have a detrimental impact on your health.


We will assess how you feel after these sessions and depending on where you are in your journey, we will tailor each session focusing on your biochemical imbalances.



With this package, you will receive expert nutrition guidance, personalised food plans, and other additional information that will benefit you greatly. You will be provided with regular email information to aid your motivation and weight loss programme.


Program details:

The program will run for 10 sessions

1st session- 1hour 30 minutes

2nd-10th session-  30 minutes


We will assess how you feel during these sessions and depending on where you are in your journey, we will look at a more tailor-made programme (if needed), focusing on your biochemical imbalances.

Standard Nutritional Weight Loss Program


This weight loss program is designed for those looking to shed that extra weight that have piled on over time. At Nutra Nourish, we believe in personalisation. Therefore, no weight loss package is the same. Whether you’re a stressed young working professional or a new mother who is looking to shed the baby weight, we cater to all types of people!


By working closely with you over the next 5 or 10 weeks, our nutritionist will help to develop a weight loss plan specific to your body and lifestyle to reach your goal. This will involve measuring your body composition and collecting a detailed health questionnaire. Furthermore, with weekly face to face consultations and unlimited text and email support, we will help to motivate you throughout your weight-loss journey. Our nutritionist may also correct any necessary nutritional imbalances or recommend other fitness professionals to complement the weight loss programme.


Don’t forget weight loss is only half the challenge! We focus equally as much on sustainably keeping the weight off. Therefore,  you will also receive health coaching, recipes and lifestyle tips that you will be able to keep with you and implement throughout the years. So start now and embark on this journey with us to become a healthier version of you!


Package details:


10 sessions: $750.00 (originally $840.00)

5 sessions: $400.00 (originally $440.00)

10 day Detox

If you are looking towards being more energetic, losing weight or just being overall healthy, this scientific, functional medicine based programme is right for you!  

This is a 10-day program designed by me focusing on real foods to make a person feel amazing at physical and mental level. It can be used as a starting point to a journey of lifelong vitality and healthy lifestyle. This detox is not about starving! Its about replenishing your body with lots of healing foods along with five meals, smoothies and juices.


The program includes:


  • Personal consultation
  • Assessment of the toxic load
  • Goal setting
  • Pre-detox
  • Personalized food plan with portion sizes
  • 7 day diet and lifestyle journal
  • 7 days meal planner
  • Grocery list
  • Recipe booklet
  • Supplements: high quality professional grade brands
  • Lifestyle techniques to detox
  • Life after detox 

This detox program supports you with regular email, phone call and  a dedicated FB group.


Executive Health package: Your health is the best investment you can make.

Tired, stressed out, overweight, pre-diabetic, trouble sleeping, constantly on the go with no time for yourself? Or just want directions on eating healthy while on a run?? We understand the stressors and common issues modern day executives face.

This programme strives to empower senior executives to achieve a state of optimum health and vitality and are complimentary to traditional health screenings. It provides them with a personal roadmap to better health and wellness through lifestyle and nutritional changes. We harness the power of functional medicine to address common issues such as low energy, fatigue, stress, anxiety, overweight, pre-diabetes, cholesterol, hormonal issues, gut health, sports performance and sleep.

Our program involves

3 consults

1st Consult: Detailed evaluation and assessment

2nd Consult: Practical health and lifestyle changes

3rd Consult: Further changes to fit in your lifestyle and achieve optimum health