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Corporate Wellness

Engaging wellness programs that create a culture where employees choose to live a healthier lifestyle. Menka is a  Corporate Wellness Consultant  and has been trained to provide wellness programmes for corporate clients to help their staff achieve vitality in their busy schedules and to curb rising healthcare costs related to unhealthy lifestyles.

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forex yatırım semineri Examples of some of the types of wellness programmes that can be provided are Nutrition Seminars, Lunch n Learns, Health articles, Wellness magazines, Health Fairs and 100 Day Health Challenges.  

grafico banca popolare di milano Menka uses various tools for big organization such as health risk assessments, maximising client participation and tracking results. She also researches employees’ needs regarding healthy eating in the workplace, auditing employers’ on-site catering facilities, cleaning up office pantry, holding healthy food tastings, cooking classes and running workplace nutrition clinics for employees to use.  

click Examples of topics that can be covered in Nutrition Talks are:

forex bank företag Boosting Energy and Performance

click Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals

donde conocer hombres japoneses Dealing with work place fatigue

Busting myths around healthy food

Healthy and balanced diet

Weight loss

Reducing Toxic load and Detoxification

Reducing Stress