Berkey Water Filter


We can not overemphasize the need for clean water for our bodies and good health. When you don’t get enough clean drinking water, your body’s detoxification system does not work properly. Toxins like microbes, pesticides, plastics, prescription meds, metals, chlorine, fluoride and others present in our drinking water affect our physical and mental health. We recommend Berkey Water Filters to provide clean, pure, delicious water. You can buy your favorite Berkey Water Filter in Singapore or anywhere in Asia from us by clicking on the link below.


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Berkey is gravity based water system consisting of two chambers and two black filters. You fill the top chamber with tap water and gravity passes it through black filters. You get the pure, clean, chemical free water in the lower chamber and can dispense it through a spigot.


Black Berkey Purification Elements (filters)

Black Berkey purification elements combine the age-old process of micro-porous filtration with state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials to bring you the finest water purification system available anywhere. They purify up to 22,800 liters of water and hence need to replace only every 6-10 years.




First, Berkey filter composition of more than six different media types constructed into a compact matrix containing millions of microscopic pores creates a “Tortuous Path”. Pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents, VOC’s, detergents, cloudiness, silt, sediment and sedimentary minerals, foul tastes and odors cannot pass through them and become trapped, eliminating them from your drinking water.



Second, Berkey media formulation uses unique adsorption to block water contaminants and submicron viruses that other brands of water filters cannot, without the use of obnoxious chemicals like iodine or chlorine.



Ion Exchange

Next, the heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, aluminum, and other dangerous heavy metals are extracted through an Ion exchange process.


Berkey systems remove viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, pesticides,

herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and impurities to below detectable

levels, while leaving in most of the essential minerals your body needs. The

result is the most healthful, delicious water available.




The long life of the Berkey Purification elements allows you to enjoy purified

water for less than a cents per litre, more economical than anything else.




Taste the difference with Berkey system. Enjoy delicious, refreshing pure

water – without smell of added chlorine and other chemicals.




Berkey systems can easily purify ordinary tap water, yet are powerful enough

to efficiently purify raw, untreated water from sources such as remote lakes

and streams. In the event of natural disasters and emergencies when treated

water may not be available, your Berkey system is essential.




Berkey systems are easy to assemble and operate without tools, electricity,

water pressure or plumbing. When traveling, or if space is limited, the top and

bottom chambers of most of our systems nest within each other for easy





Independent lab results speak for themselves. The test results for Black

Berkey purification elements exceed expectations for gravity purification.




Since the filtering elements last for several thousand gallons of pure water,

they last for 6—10 years and can be cleaned and reused repeatedly. You’re

not adding to the problem of plastic bottle waste.

The important considerations in choosing the correct size for your Berkey Water filter system are your daily consumption

and the holding capacity of the Berkey you buy. Use the following table as a guideline for choosing your ideal Berkey Water

Filter System.



Holding Capacity (Litres)

Flow Rate (LPH)

Ideal # of people

Travel Berkey 5.7 9.5 2-4
Big Berkey w/ 2Filters 8.5 13 3-6
Big Berkey w/ 4 8.5 26 6-8
Royal w/ 2 Filters 10.4 15 4-8
Royal w/ 4 10.4 30 8-12
Imperial w/ 2 Filters 12.3 17 6-12
Imperial w/ 4 12.3 34 12-20
Imperial w/ 6 12.3 51 20-30
Crown Berkey w/ 2Filters 22.7 25 12-20
Crown Berkey w/ 4 22.7 50 20-30
Crown Berkey w/ 6 22.7 75 30-45
Crown Berkey w/ 8 22.7 100 40-60

Help me understand further. What exactly are Berkey water filters?


Berkey is a water filter system that is so powerful it is classified as a water purifier.


It can filter regular tap water or even water from harsh environments such as lakes, rivers and wells.

So what exactly does it remove?

Berkey can remove the following from your water.


  • Chloride,
  • Fluoride,
  • Pathogenic bacteria,
  • Cysts,
  • Parasites,
  • Herbicides,
  • Pesticides,
  • Organic solvents
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Detergents,
  • Cloudiness,
  • Silt
  • Sediments and sedimentary minerals
  • Foul tastes and odors
  • Heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, aluminum and other dangers metal.


While leaving all the beneficial minerals behind in your drinking water!


Where can Berkeys be used?

  • Homes,
  • Schools,
  • Offices,
  • During travels,
  • During trekking, hiking, mountain climbing or other sporting activities,
  • During emergency situations where safe drinking water is unavailable.


Why would I get Berkey Water Filter when I can just buy bottled water?


Berkey water filter system is incredibly cost effective!

The filters can purify up to 22,800 liters of water, lasting from anywhere between 8 to 10 years, depending on your usage.

This will bring your cost to less than 1 cent per liter of water!


Plus a plastic bottle takes 450 to 1000 years to biodegrade. Getting a Berkey is an environmentally conscious option.


Berkey Go and Sport Berkey are portable so you can always have access to clean and fresh water wherever you go. There is no reasons to go thirsty.


What can’t I just boil the water?

While boiling water kills most of the bacteria and organisms, it does not remove the heavy metals, dirt, organic solvents, detergents, fluoride, and many other contaminants from the water. This is why you would need the black and fluoride filters to remove them for you.

Are there any independent studies done on the Berkey? Can I have a look at the studies before deciding if a Berkey is for me?


Please visit the following links to down the various tests that have been done on the black and fluoride filters.

I have a question that is not answered here!

Email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

For a quicker alternative, you might want to visit our FAQ knowledge base at the link below to get your answers.

Big Berkey Water Filter: Priced at $430, this is the ideal system for a small family. Royal Berkey is another popular option with families of 4-6 people.



Sports Berkey Water Filter Bottle: Perfect to enjoy clean water on the go, this is ideal for camping, hiking, trekking and day to day sports.



Fluoride Filter: Berkey PF-2 elements are designed to use in conjunction with black filters and adsorb Fluoride, Arsenic and other residual heavy metals. Fluoride is an immensely toxic chemical and an increased consumption can lead to higher risk among children of fluoride’s numerous toxic effects, from low thyroid function and bone fragility to learning and behavioral problems.



Go Berkey Kit: If you travel frequently, the Go Berkey kit is perfect for you. It delivers the same pure and clean water as any other Berkey System from any source and is portable enough to fit in your luggage.


Berkey Shower Filters: Our skin is one of the biggest absorbents pf chemicals and heavy metals. Berkey shower filters are easy to fit and remove chlorine, heavy metals and lime to ensure a healthy shower experience.